Healing And Guidance Via Your Soul's Akashic Records

The Akashic Records

 Every soul has an Akashic Book Of Records. Everything with an energy vibration has a record. This includes pets, homes, land and even monuments... if there is an energy vibration, its recorded! Every life lived, all experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions and trauma in those lives has been recorded in this realm. Because of this, we are able to access the book via a prayer and ask questions of the guides in this realm about our life, relationships, the present and possibilities for the future. We can even utilize the information and the guides to heal, to clear energy or whatever it is that we need. Most the time we don’t know what it is that we need to move forward, or what is blocking our forward motion, but miraculously, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones do!

I urge you to read some of the Testimonials to gain a better understanding of what’s available. You will see that no one person had the same experience, we all have a different journey, specific to our own soul And it’s purpose. 

Being a Medium, I am simply a channel for spirit on the other side.  They use me to verbalize for them, whatever it is they need to say. I didn’t always understand this connection to spirit that I now embrace. Most of my life I’ve been told I “talk in pictures” and I always felt that was a perfect description, because I indeed am incredibly visual and see pictures while I talk! It has actually made my cadence a bit slower when I speak as I am more attempting to describe what I am seeing. I didn’t verbalize that in such a precise way until the last few years. I also realized that spirit has always been trying to come through, I just didn’t understand what I was seeing, I just assumed that, WOW... I sure am visual and space out a lot! Today I fully understand that the faint images Ive always been seeing are spirit trying to come through to deliver a message. Now, if I am not in a session, and I am in a place where its appropriate, I will acknowledge them and ask for a bit more info before creeping someone out! The more ive allowed them to speak through me, the more they’ve lined up it seems, which I actually enjoy because its a beautiful gift for loved ones to receive, most find it healing. I also enjoy the humor that most spirits have and I assume this is because they are free of pain or whatever may have ailed them. 

To say they've been entertaining thus far is an understatement!

Within the realm of the Akashic Records, who comes forward to deliver information is agreed upon between spirit, guides, masters, teachers and loved ones beforehand. Its also important to know, that If there are loved ones on the other side, they will step forward if they have something beneficial to add. We cannot demand that they show up. A misconception is that a close relationship in life is a prerequisite for them to step forward, but this is not the case! It's possible you may not even have known them, yet they are around you as guides. 

It is not possible to cover how astounding this work is and what is available with simple words. To be connected to all that is, to this level of support will change your life. You are truly surrounded, whether you believe this or not, whether you begin to utilize and rely on this fact, or not…doesn't change its truth. It's a truly beautiful thing.

What I've written below is likely not for everyone, its likely a bit "heavy" yet I have experienced it first hand while doing this work in the records, so I am compelled to share it!

*Because healing is about self responsibility, our commitment to heal and shift our energy literally dictates which outcome we experience. When things feel hard, or what most experience as stuck and painful, or what used to work doesn't work anymore, these are signs we are being called to heal. The universe and all that is, will find a way to get your attention. This can come in many forms, even illness.

How we choose to live in this lifetime is completely our choice. What we don't heal we take with us into the next. It's been demonstrated time and time again during sessions in the records.

Your soul's highest level of consciousness chose every wound to heal before coming into this life. When we understand that, we accept that every experience, regardless of pain level, was/is by design, we agreed to it. The pain is calling you forward to heal what your soul committed to heal before you took a body and came into this life.

When we call upon our guides, they jump into action. It's their soul's purpose to be in service to us, to give guidance, wisdom and insight into our lives, decisions, relationships and/or beliefs and energetic blockages that keep us from a life of abundance or experiencing peace and forward motion.

When one soul vibrates higher, we are all pulled up. We are truly all connected, please lead with compassion and love.

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